Where it all began
Everest: The Crowning Glory
Everest - The 1920's
The 1922 Expedition
1922 - A Letter from Base Camp
1923 - Climbing Mount Everest - the motion picture
1923 Mallory in America
1924 - The Great Experiment
1924 - Mallory and Irvine's last engagement in England
1924 - Philately Reaches New Heights
1924 - Mail from the Climbing Expedition I
1924 - Mail from the Climbing Expedition II
1924 - Mail from the Climbing Expedition III
Covers from team members
1924 - Mail from the Tractor Party
1924 - Mail from the Artistic Expedition
1924 - Postcards from the Mountains
1924 - The Advertising Postcard
1924 - To the corners of the Empire, and beyond
1924 - Souvenirs from the Team
1924-25 Fund-raising at the Wembley Exhibition


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Welcome to the Himalayana website.

This site is designed to be an ongoing record of postal history and associated items originating from Himalayan Mountaineering Expeditions.

A note about definitions: "Himalayan" is taken to include the Himalaya chain, together with the Karakorum, Hindu Kush, Pamirs and contiguous ranges. In philatelic terms, the countries involved include present-day Nepal, India, Pakistan, China (with Tibet), Afghanistan, Bhutan and Russia. No inference should be made from the areas described that this website endorses a particular view of disputed borders. This website is about postal history, and not politics.

The proposed list of items which can be, for the purposes of this website, grouped under the heading of Himalayana, are as follows:




Film and Lecture Programmes

Autographed Material

Anniversary Souvenir Envelopes and Cards

Postage Stamps and Labels

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